How to find your nearest waterfall

With Covid restrictions around the UK relaxing, the time for exploring without fear of arrest is here. What better way to start than to find the nearest waterfall to your house?!?!

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Introduce your friends to road cycling

Road cycling is no easy sell – Hey, do you want to fork out loads of money for a bike – wear lycra when you ride it – then suffer on a saddle that has less padding than a knuckle … remind me why I love cycling again. Oh yeah, it is because once you overcome all those obstacles, it provides you with almost limitless places to explore – all self-powered too. The views that this machine can provide you with are worth writing home about.

How Do You Pick A Name For Your Bike?

Everyone names their bike, right? For the sake of this article, I’m just going to assume you do. After all, It is important to give your machine a name – it gives it a character and a personality. It somehow makes it less weird when it comes to proclaiming just how much you love your two-wheeled steed (at least that’s how I justify it to myself).

New Bike Day Excitement – A Lesson in Patience

Since I ordered my new bike, I have been carrying a little seed of new bike day excitement in my belly. Today is the day it will germinate. As it grows, it will eventually start to flower in the form of a permanent smile on my face. This smile lets the world know how amazing it feels for me to cycle once again. It will be infectious, making you want to join in. Thanks to that ‘new bike day’ excitement, it is like I have surrounded myself with a magical forcefield. The effects give me immunity to all the regular daily bullshit that can chip away at your mental wellbeing.

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