The Call of Adventure

Like many others, I wanted to travel in my lifetime. I didn’t know when, where or how, but I just knew I had to go somewhere. It was beyond wanderlust, it felt more like a compulsion. I had been putting it off for a long time: until one day, enough was enough. Then without warning, all the answers came at once – Fuck it, I am going on a bikepacking adventure. 

The eureka moment struck while mindlessly searching Netflix for something to watch. I came across a documentary called, Reveal The Path, by Mike Dion. The film follows a group of adventure cyclists as they circumnavigate the globe by bicycle. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would change my life.

Reveal the Path is a genre-defying adventure film that contemplates what it means to live an inspired life using the bicycle as a mechanism to explore, dream and discover.

Mike Dion

Sacrifices Must Be Made

I felt inspired to imitate their epic voyage. As a cycling keen-bean, it was definitely something that appealed to me. The next 18 months were spent making it a reality. I put a lot of effort into fulfilling my quest to become a self-sufficient cycling machine. I had become obsessed. Although it was a lot of hard work, I genuinely loved the preparation.

Saving money was the hardest part. I was not earning a good salary, but by making sacrifices, I could steadily build a travel fund. It was difficult to pass on nights out and miss dinners with friends, but I knew there was a prize waiting for me if I managed it.

Fortunately, I have some great friends that I could enjoy their company with without spending a single dime. You have to make the most of your situation and keep your goals in mind when times get tough.

For The Love of Le Tour

I set a date to leave in the summer that would coincide with the Tour de France. The aim was to catch as many live stages as possible. The Tour was responsible for igniting a passion in me for cycling. Since I first watched the peloton roll across the French countryside and mountains, I had a romanticised vision in my head. It was the reason I bought my very first road bike. Now that chance was now mine for the taking.

Once the Tour was over, the plan was to keep exploring Europe, taking in as much as possible until I either ran out of money or somehow got bored.

This takes our story to the 1st day of my trip day. Before I left the house, I was feeling anxious about transitioning between life as I knew it and life on the road. The following passage is an excerpt from my 2015 Travel Journal

This shows me looking very pleased with how my adventure has turned out. Not only have I overcome my first time travel anxiety, but I am fully revelling in the experience.
Celebration on reaching the Mediterranean Sea. Bikepacking Adventure

Day 0 – Prologue

I have had a shit-tonne of time to prepare. If I am not ready by now: I probably never will be.

I feel nervous, anxious, excited, happy, and a little bit sick. It seems ironic that my mind found an obscure reference from the movie Clueless. The lead character asks her friend, is it possible to feel underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time? — I can answer that for her — YESSSSS!!! It definitely is.

I had the perfect weekend, hanging out with friends, and now it is finally time to get this show on the road. This means I could not be in a better mood. Only, there is something in my mind that does not want me to take the first step.

I thought about how this is going to beat the shit out of working 5 days a week, and that thought alone is going to be enough to give me a good laugh and smile each day.

There is a new chapter of my life about to begin.

To borrow a line for Scroobius Pip, All you see is a mousetrap. I see some free cheese and a fucking challenge.

All you see is a mousetrap. I see some free cheese and a fucking challenge.

Scroobius pip

Get Inspired and Find Out More

You can find other related posts by searching the tag: 2015 travel journal. Alternatively, you could also explore the TRAVEL and CYCLING tags. I found other great content on this subject at THEANXIOUSTRAVELER.COM. There you will find an Anti-Anxiety Tool Kit, which could help even the biggest over-thinkers amoung us feel more travel confident.


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