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Welcome to Kiramusu – The Home of Kieron Ramsay

Kiramusu is an adventure athlete blog and a celebration of living with zeal and panaché. If you want advice on your next TV series to binge on, this is the wrong place my friend, but thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the adrenaline-challenge vibe-a-thon that is Kiramusu. A community for cycling, ultra-running, mountain climbing, travel, eating, drinking and exploring. In a word, it is a place for adventure.

Life on the edge of your seat, only there is no seat because you are flying down a mountain on a snowboard with your middle finger up, shouting FUCK YEAH!!!

Who Am I?

An explorer at my core, powered by a twin-turbo cardio engine. Whether I am playing in the metropolis of a city or tearing through the wild. My favourite way to survey the world is my own two feet or by bicycle. 

I live in an odd duality. A disciplined and regimented lifestyle, but conversely, I am also easy as laid back as laid back as an otter floating down stream.

A sugar whore with not just one sweet tooth, there are at least 5 of them in my mouth…and they are probably brown. Usually snaffling, I am a fat kid at heart (the worst place to be fat I would imagine). But, there is more to it. My appetite is to refuel and replace calories. Because whenever I get the chance, I like to push myself into a dark/happy place.

Explore new places with Kiramusu.

How I Get My Rocks Off

I think of it as a lactic-acid induced type of BDSM. It is commonly known as, endurance sport. The challenge lies in overcoming mental and physical obstacles that become part of the journey. It gives me a sense of purpose and inner peace. Part of that purpose is sharing my passion with you, the reader.

That is why you would find me running on a muddy trail, in the rain, in the dead of night, with a wide grin on my face, and chocolate round my chops.

When I’m not torturing myself on trails and mountain roads, I enjoy other hobbies at a more leisurely pace. Rock climbing in the beautiful setting of anywhere in nature, or taking my skateboard out makes me feel happy and alive.

Kiramusu – How Did I Get Here?

Adventure Cycling

My inspiration for two-wheeled escapades came from watching the Tour de France in 2012. Seeing those guys do their thing compelled me to travel vast distances on my own. I did not consider it something I could do until I tried it for myself.

I took off way further than had ever attempted. Grossly underprepared and heading south to the coast from London on a 96KM epic I will never forget. No helmet and only a bottle of water, I was learning on the road. The destination does not matter, its all about getting out there and having a good time.

That ride will last forever in my memory because it taught me much of what I value today. You are more capable than you could ever dream, is possible. There is a whole world out there to see for yourself, you simply have to get out there. Most importantly, it taught me how fun it was to challenge yourself.

It took me a further 3 years to save up enough cash and go bike-packing for the first time, a life-changing 6500km rollercoaster. Even if I die tomorrow, I will die happy knowing that I was lucky enough to have had such an experience.

Ultra-Running & Trail Running

I am still a rookie when it comes to running, but I approached it in the same way. My first 10km came in 2019. Challenged to a little friendly competition, I began some serious training. As an adult, I did not have any decent running experience. Yes, I could run, but I had never left the house with the express intention of going for a run.

After 8 weeks of training, I ran the 10k in 42 minutes. It was official, I had been bitten by the running bug. 2 months later, my ambition got the better of me. I signed up to a 100km race, only to pick up an injury 3 weeks before the event. Shit happens.

As of writing this, I have now run 11 marathons, 3x50km+ and 1 50+ miler. With no plans to slow down, I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Climbing And Mountaineering

In 2019, I was lucky enough to live in the French Alps before Brexit and COVID landed their two-fold assault on my lifestyle. While I was there, I got the taste for Alpinist-style mountaineering, snowboarding and skiing. There was a haven of stunning valleys and incredible views. Things have changed a lot since then, but I am determined to keep myself in tip-top shape to live a life full of wonder when the opportunity presents itself.


With over 15 years of experience as a chef, I absolutely adore food, probably eating more than cooking. I would list all my favourite foods, but it would be a massive hunger-inducing experience. To spare me the drool-fest, I will stick with my favourite. My last meal would be a rich and creamy tiramisu, with a caffeinated boozy punch, served with a small spoon to stop me from eating it too quickly. 

Thanks for Visiting Kiramusu

This is an invite for you to get off the sofa and get lost. Find yourself outside, and then add to the stories here on Kiramusu. Every traveller has more than a few cool stories, and I want to hear yours.

Thank you for visiting. Please be amazing and share this website with anyone who shares my desire to spend time similarly. Building a community of like-minded people is the purpose of this website. It is thrilling to connect with inspiring people with exciting stories.

Get in touch with me via social media links, or find out more on the contact page.

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